Visualising parents in Georgian England.

This post is a reaction to reading Mark Carrigan’s interesting post on Using Slideshare and Prezi to disseminate your work. Mark explains that putting your presentations and papers on Slideshare and Prezi circulates your research – with very little effort. It prompted me to look at my only attempt at this, where I used Prezi for a presentation on history and social media. I am pleasantly surprised to see that it has had 224 views. This is not a lot compared to some presentations, but a startling amount for something that I just left out there!

william redmore bigg saturday evening










Thus, I’ve registered on Slideshare so that I can try sharing some of my presentations which have been prepared in PowerPoint. Here is my first attempt – a paper I gave on last year on representations of Georgian families! It is based on the first section of my recent book, Parenting in England 1760-1830: emotions, identity, generation (2013). Let’s see if it gets more views than it does in Dropbox!


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