Manliness in the form of sailors who shed a tear 1760-1860

I had the honour of presenting a paper at the ‘Gendering the Maritime World’ at the National Maritime Museum on Thursday 24 April.

The symposium was tremendously thought-provoking and had a fantastic range of papers and observations from attendees. More will emerge from the day, I believe, in the shape of blog posts and journal publications. For now, here is the link to my Prezi presentation if anyone would like to have a look at my contribution!

For more on tears check out Thomas Dixon’s work here and here.

Having done a little work on images of sailors for this paper, I have found my new historical desire and ambition, which is to do some research on all the wonderful images of the sailor’s ‘farewell’ and ‘return’ held in this collection, such as this one –

sailor's return

This is Thomas Stothard’s The Sailor’s Return in Peace (1798) held in the NMM’s collection

I can highly recommend a browse of the NMM’s online collection for any kind of historian!

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