‘Breeding’ a ‘little stranger’: managing uncertainty in pregnancy c. 1660-1830

I had a fantastic time at the Perceptions of Pregnancy Conference. I met some wonderful people for the first time, encountered the real version of the people I talk to in Twitter, and heard some really brilliant and thought-provoking papers.

If you’d like to read the presentation I gave for my keynote paper – click here.

 640px-Da_Vinci_Studies_of_Embryos_Luc_ViatourFoetus by Leonoardo Da Vinci, Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Images.

I got some invaluable questions about the issues I discussed, so thanks to everyone who asked them. Also, the last bit of Prezi here acknowledges the conversations I had with people during the preparation of the paper – so thanks to them too! I also learned that I should probably be using a downloaded version of my Prezi presentation when I deliver them. More stuff to find out about …

Also, if you enjoy the presentation, some of my earlier blog posts talk in a little more detail about some of the quotations I mention – here . here, and here.

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