Great ideas for teaching seminars

Last week, in my third week of teaching a third-year module I realised I had only planned seminars based on the students reading primary and secondary source extracts and discussing them in groups and as a class. This was already getting stale and the students no doubt getting bored. Another eight sessions like this was not going to work!

I’m not the most innovative teacher where seminars are concerned, so I opened up to Twitter the question of how to make seminars interesting, productive, and different for students.

800px-Thomas_Rowlandson_-_The_Prize_Fight_-_Google_Art_ProjectThe results were fantastic! My timeline was filled with creative ideas which show just how engaged and inspiring my fellow academics are. Thanks to them all! I think the ideas generated are a great resource and I’ve storified them. Do share the link below and have fun teaching.

Click here for the Storify version 

This week I’m getting the students to set the questions and analysing a range of images of fighting Georgian men. I’m feeling optimistic this time!

Image: Wikimedia Commons: Thomas Rowlandson, The Prize Fight, 1787 (BTW the image is selected to match my seminar’s theme – not because I see a seminar as a bout of violence … though I do leave them feeling as if I’ve been through several rounds…)


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